Stella Artois Launch AR iPhone App . . . Taxi!!


Stella Artois has teamed up with an mobile augmented reality firm to launch a mobile app that lets US drinkers find their nearest Stella-dispensing bar.

The app, which will be launched this week according to VentureBeat, will allow users to find nearby bars from Stella Artois’ 80,000-strong database, simply by waving their cameraphone around in the air.

It’s one of the first big-brand AR apps, although Stella isn’t alone in looking to make the most of location-based mobile technology.

Guinness launched a Pub Finder iPhone app earlier this year, while Beck’s launched an app focusing on music gigs. Both used location-based technology and maps, rather than AR.

The Stella deal is a good win for AcrossAir, which has previously released AR apps Nearest Tube and Nearest Tweets. It also teamed up with Burton to make a (non-AR) app focusing on the Movember charity movement.