Sportsboard -The digital sideline clipboard


Some Rage Digital side project news.  One of our developers Keiran put up an awesome update to his iPad app Sportsboard!  He’s integrated a entirely new drawing engine that we’re excited to get in another Rage app of ours.  The full description and app store link are below!Accutane online

SportsBoard is a digital version of the old analog coaches’ whiteboard clipboard. It features an intuitive and responsive touch interface that’s easy and quick to use, whether in pre-game and halftime strategies or for fast sidelines modifications. 

SportsBoard consists of preset backgrounds of a basketball court, a hockey rink and a soccer field. You can also easily toggle between full-field view and half-field view, depending on the level of detail you need. 

Simply touch the screen and draw with your finger. Erasing is as easy as toggling on the erase mode and erasing with your finger (or you can double-tap anywhere to wipe the whole board). No more need to keep track of the marker and eraser that goes along with your clipboard. 

Close the app, and the next time it reopens, SportsBoard will pick up right where you left off, remembering your selected field, size and current drawings. 

It’s easier than a clipboard, it’s faster than a clipboard, it’s time the sideline clipboard got its digital upgrade.

iTunes Link