iRealty App – Finalist in REALTOR Technology Spotlight Award


From: Chris McKeever Date: September 16, 2009 5:03:20 PM MDT
To: Jay Hebb – iRealty
Subject: REALTOR Technology Spotlight Award – FINALIST Notification

I wanted to be the first to congratulate you on your nomination for the 2009 REALTOR(R) Technology Spotlight Award!  Based on the criteria provided by the individuals whom nominated, you have been selected as
a finalist for the VISIONARY category.

The Visionary:
These are the people that can see the technology trends and understand how they can be applied to our industry in the next month, year or
even decades. Often times they are the ones that are doing things so
extremely different, it takes the combined efforts of the Advocates,
Innovators and Pioneers to embrace their slice of the technology
revolution before the industry as a whole understands it. This is what
makes the visionaries stand out – they look outside the defined proven
techniques to invent the new standard and ultimately change the
perspective and the game.

The winner will be provided travel and accommodation stipends to
attend the 2009 NAR Conference and Expo in San Diego.  The Judges are
reviewing all nominations and the winners will be announced in early

I want to once again congratulate you on your excellence that made you
stand out this far.  The full finalist list has been posted at

Please feel free to follow-up with me if you have any questions.

– Chris McKeever
Managing Director – Center for REALTOR Technology