Introducing MobileMSSNGR by Rage Digital


Kudos to Apple for releasing Messenger (Beta), which syncs all of your chats and texts between all of your Apple devices (Computer, iPhone, iPad).  The only hangup, all of your contacts also have to be using Apple devices.Buy dapoxetine online

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could have all of that great functionality but could communicate with anyones text-capable device! Well actually you can…

Rage Digital is now excepting Beta Invite Requests for our new service MobileMSSNGR™.  You get all of the capability of Apple’s Messenger, texting from your Computer, iPhone and iPad plus integrated ToDos, Notes and Auto-replys but can communicate with anyone’s device! 

MobileMSSNGR™ gives you complete control over where and how you send and receive your text messages. Using a unique, local,  10-digit text number you can now send and receive your texts to anyone’s phone directly from your computer, your iPhone or your iPad! All for FREE!


– Unique, local 10-digit text number (you don’t have to give out your phone number)

– Send and receive texts with ANYONE’S text capable device (they don’t need to have MobileMSSNGR™)

– Computer chat portal supports up to 12 concurrent text conversations

– Create To-Do’s for your contacts contact from Computer, iPhone or iPad

– Send messages to Groups

– Create and manage Auto-responders

– Keep Notes for each contact

– Store up to 30 contacts FREE

– Unlimited messaging for FREE 

Requirements:  Chrome V16.x  /  iOS 5.x

Mobile MSSNGR™ – The Mobile and Web Based Text Messaging Platform by ©Rage Digital