GoSk8 iPhone Application


Go Sk8 has officially hit the market. The Go Sk8 iPhone application is a new tool to play the traditional game ofskate. The developers of Go Sk8 have gone to great lengths to spice the game up by adding three different skill levels (basic, medium, advanced) and four obstacle options (ledge, manual, transition, flat-ground), making it the only skate application of its kind.

Go Sk8 is a true test of a skateboarders skill, ability and consistency. Instead of each skater performing tricks they are comfortable with (as in a traditional game of s.k.a.t.e.), skaters must physically perform whichever trick is determined by the “trick wheel”, which can be anything thing from a list of hundreds of tricks on different obstacles.

Professional skateboarder Danny Gonzalez had this to say about the Application” I love this app. The design is fresh and it doesn’t freeze like other apps. By adding in different skill levels and obstacles it makes an otherwise basic game of skate a lot more challenging”.

Go Sk8 can be played on any iPhone or iPod Touch and is guaranteed to make any session at any spot more fun.

How to Play

How to play

GO SK8 is not a virtual game. It is a new tool to physically play the Game of S.K.A.T.E. The app randomly selects tricks based on what you are skating (flatground, manual, transition, ledge) and your level (Basic, Medium, Advanced).

GO SK8 can be played in a three different ways:

2 Players Same Trick

Player A spins the trick wheel. The trick that appears, Player A needs to do. If Player A misses the trick, he then gets the first letter “G” and then Player B is free to spin the trick wheel. However, if Player A makes the trick, Player B then needs to land the same trick. If Player B lands the selected trick, Player A spins the trick wheel again. If Player B misses the selected trick he then receives the first letter “G”. Each player continues to spin the trick wheel until they miss a trick.

This way is played exactly like H.O.R.S.E. in basketball.

2 Players Different Tricks

Player A spins the trick wheel. Regardless if player A makes or misses the trick. Player B spins the trick wheel for a new trick. This continues until Either Player A or B misses a total of 5 tricks and receives G.O.S.K.8.

One Player

This is for one player. You will be Player A and the Phone will serve as Player B. Player A spins the trick wheel. If you miss the trick you receive the first letter “G”. If you make the trick the phone Player B receives the first letter “G”. This continues until either Player A or B receives a total of five letters G.O.S.K.8.

Free Trick

On every level you will see “Free Trick” on the trick wheel. When this appears, you are free to try any trick you wish.