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Cowbell2010 iPhone App Supercharges the Olympic Fan’s Experience

Winter Olympics watchers around the world get the full event schedule, real-time medal count, live Twitter feed from hundreds of Olympians and a national flag covered, virtual cowbell, all in one App

Boulder, CO – February 1, 2010 – The gloves don’t have to come off in Vancouver, or wherever you happen to be watching the Games, to make noise for this winter’s Olympians. The new Cowbell2010 App for the iPhone and iPodTouch enables Winter Olympic Games fans, followers, family and teammates around the world to cheer on athletes by ringing a virtual cowbell.  The traditional, distinctive clamor lets the athletes know they’re being supported.

With the Cowbell2010 App, your iPhone or iPodTouch becomes your very own clanging cowbell, draped in the country flag of your choice, that you can shake until the cows come home – or until your country’s team reaches the medal podium. Whether you’re at the Games in Vancouver, on your couch cheering at home with family or at a pub with friends watching the events, the Cowbell2010 App offers all of the features you need to be a part of the Olympics experience including:

– A virtual, working, national flag-emblazoned cowbell

– Real-time medal tally by country

– Twitter feed that follows hundreds of Olympian tweets

– Complete event schedule that adjusts to your time zone

– Favorites folder to manage your Games-watching schedule

– Live Wall to share photos and texts of your Winter Games experience with friends on Facebook and Twitter, as well as other Cowbell 2010 users around the world.

Much easier to carry than bulky, brass cowbell, the Cowbell 2010 App is a must-have for celebrating this year’s Games. Cowbell 2010 may be downloaded for just $.99 in the iTunes App Store.

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