Introducing TEXTCELLERATE™: Two-Way Text Message Sales Acceleration

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We’ve been working away here in Boulder, CO on a awesome new tool for the TextUs.Biz platform that will be a game changer for sales acceleration.  We’ll be sharing more some updates and news on this as we release our Beta version!  For those not familiar with sales acceleration, below is a brief background and an intro to TEXTCELLERATE™!Buy Clomid online

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Simply put, sales acceleration is the process of increasing the velocity of the sales process.  Ken Krogue, Co-Founder and Forbes contributor has a great article that gives a full background on the space you can read here. Here a few relevant excerpts…

Sales acceleration is also about working smarter.

It’s gathering real-time sales intelligence from LinkedIn, InsideView and ZoomInfo. It’s having something relevant to talk about when you call a new prospect besides just the weather. It’s connecting with social media, lowering costs, raising visibility, and generating leverage.

It’s about speed.

It’s about execution.

Instead of guessing.

It’s about nurturing prospects and customers, not just the marketing automation practice of nurturing leads.

It’s about tracking velocity metrics. How fast you respond. How persistent you are. What percentage of leads get contacted. The length of your sales cycle. How engaged your prospects are. How fast an appointment decays if it is set 4 days out instead of 1 day.

It’s about speed.

It’s about execution.

Read the full article on

So how does text messaging fit into sales acceleration?

Text message sales acceleration is the use of two-way text messaging to engage your prospects and leads to speed up your sales cycle.  Many times when you have a new lead you simply need to get a yes, no or maybe from them to move things forward.  Until now email and phone calls may work some of the time but what about a text messaging?


We all love to text our friends and family.  Most of the time, people would rather text than talk!  So why aren’t business and sales professionals using SMS as a communication channel?

Well, some sales people are texting for business.  Accept they’re texting from their personal devices and none of the conversations are being tracked with their company’s respective CRM.

In comes TEXTCELLERATE™ – the two-way text message sales acceleration tool!  Sales organizations can now text enable their existing sales phone number and manage/track conversations with their CRM.  That allows people to call or text the same number which helps to unify communications.

SMS is an entirely new communication channel, never before fully utilized by businesses and sales teams.

TEXTCELLERATE™ gives you the ability to send the right message at the right time in order to engage a sales lead.  While email and cold call open/read rates are getting lower and lower, text messaging boosts a whooping 98% read rate!  Not only will your leads read your important message but they’ll be able to respond and have a two-way conversation with you.

We’re accepting a limited number of seats for sales teams and individuals that would like to get in on this opportunity early.  We’re expecting to fully launch within a few months!

For a sneak peek, Reserve your seat now or request a demo and we can show you first hand the power and efficiency of two-way text message sales acceleration!

TextUs.Biz SXSW Wrap Up

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Whew! SXSW was one fun-packed whirlwind of a week!

We ate tons of BBQ, saw old and new friends, listened to great music, and got to experience some of the latest innovations in the tech industry.Buy Motilium

The SXSW Trade Show opened up on Sunday where we could be found in the Startup Corner exhibit section featuring our iPad Receptionist. When the doors opened, people poured in to walk the aisles full of new interactive, film, and music industry features.

Some of our favorite exhibitors were the teams around us. Our area was constantly buzzing with interested visitors looking to learn more about the newest innovations! It was especially busy during the Block Party when fresh beer and snacks were served (everyone is friendly while eating and drinking!).

It was great to get to know potential TextUs.Biz users and spread the word about becoming a Text Friendly world. The iPad Receptionist was the perfect product for us to feature and allowed visitors to experience the app firsthand. From using the iPad Receptionist as a Visitor Log to extending it’s features as a Visitor-to-Contact connection, visitors to the Trade Show shared their ideas and kept us motivated to continue advancing on the iPad Receptionist’s future updates. Only a few people joked about actually replacing their receptionist :)

The best part of our trip was giving away a Receptionist in a Box to one lucky team! On the last day of the Trade Show, we pulled the information from everyone who entered their email into our Receptionist demo and were elated to see that our new friends and fellow Startup Corner exhibitors over at ShipStation had won {Congratulations ShipStation!}!

Overall, the week was a huge success! Getting to introduce ourselves and our products to SXSW visitors put a smile on each of our faces.




Press: 5 Mobile Marketing Tools to Reach Customers on the Go (via Mashable)

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This post originally appeared on the American Express OPEN Forum, where Mashableregularly contributes articles about leveraging social media and technology in small business.

Looking to up your mobile marketing game? Here are five vendors that can help.order Motilium

1. MailChimp

Email marketing is one of the most popular ways to stay in touch with customers, and there are now many tools that can help you mobile-enable these programs.

For example, MailChimp has added a number of mobile features that allow you to view your email campaign stats, see who is tweeting about you and manage your lists and subscribers from your mobile device. MailChimp also offers mobile-friendly templates for your newsletters, so your campaign will look good when users read it on their mobile devices.

MailChimp customers can now also take advantage of services such as Chimpadeedoo, which gives customers the ability to sign up for your newsletter via an iPad. Customers visiting your store, restaurant or trade show can sign up on the spot. One company, Monkey Joe’s Parties & Play in North Carolina, was able to grow its subscriber list from 250 to 10,000 users using this app.

MailChimp offers a free plan (2,000 subscribers and up to 12,000 emails per month) that includes all of these mobile-friendly features and more.

2. Red Stamp

If you’re looking to make an impression with your digital correspondence, check out Red Stamp –- the company just launched Create Your Own Collection that enables small businesses to create and send custom, branded letterhead, business cards, notes, invitations and announcements from mobile and desktop devices.

Red Stamp says its customers are landing new clients by sending customized thank you notes as they walk out of meetings, and they’re also using the service to share visual, branded, real-time conversations with their social networks and create festive, branded invitations for events and get-togethers.

Golden Age Design, a small business that restores mid-century furniture, is using custom stationery from Red Stamp for several types of correspondence with customers, including sending out photos of their furniture finds to their clientele in real time.

The cost is a one-time fee of $29.99 for custom design and set-up and a $4.99 monthly fee for unlimited digital and social sharing. Paper postcards are just 99 cents — including $0.33 U.S. postage — and Red Stamp will print, address and mail your cards for you. International sends are an additional 30 cents.

3. Swipely

Mobile functionality can also make it easy for customers to join your loyalty program. For example, payments company Swipely now offers a simple “text to join” mobile loyalty program that works seamlessly with the credit or debit card consumers already have in their wallet, as opposed to having them manage (and often lose!) paper cards, punch cards or key chain plastic cards.

A popular organic restaurant with multiple locations in the Bay Area is using Swipely to run its mobile loyalty program, promoting it with signs in their restaurants that invite customers to join the program with one simple text message. In one month, they saw that 60% of the customers that hit their mobile signup page submitted their credit card to join the rewards program. In January alone, hundreds of customers signed up, which means that the restaurant can now market to those customers via email.

Swipely’s loyalty program is free for existing customers.

4. TextUs.Biz

A recent Time magazine mobility poll found that 32% of people would rather text than talk if given a choice. With this in mind, TextUs.Biz allows businesses to send and receive texts from customers via their computer or iPad. Small businesses can use the service to send customer appointment reminders or group promotional offers, while customers can use it to text the company’s main business phone number to request an appointment or reservation.

According to the company, the service is ideally suited to customer requests such as restaurant reservations, changing hair appointments or answering questions about car repairs, which are often easier to manage via text messaging versus a phone call.

Connor Doyle uses TextUs.Biz to manage customer service at West End Salon in Boulder, Colorado.

“TextUs.Biz has greatly reduced the amount of time our front desk staff is tied up on the phone and has allowed us to concentrate on even better customer service,” says Doyle. “Our clients love the ease and simplicity of sending us text messages and our staff uses the service almost exclusively for communication with the front desk.”

TextUs.Biz is free for the first 100 messages, which includes web and iPad access. For small businesses sending more than 100 messages a month, the “basic” cost is $24/month for 1,500 messages, the “premium” is $44/month for 5,000 messages and “pro” is $74/month for 10,000 messages.

5. Facebook

According to recent Facebook usage research by IDC, smartphone users check Facebook an average of 14 times per day, so make sure to consider Facebook’s latest advertising products, such as Facebook Offers and Promoted Posts, to reach and engage your target customers on mobile.

For example, SweetFrog Frozen Yogurt recently saw an average of 2.9% redemption rate onFacebook Offers, Facebook’s virtual coupons that are available on both desktop and mobile. Some stores reported over 10,000 in-person redemptions.

Promoted Posts, which allow business owners to easily turn an engaging post into an ad to reach more people with their messages, also work well on mobile. According to Facebook,Sam’s Chowder House, a local restaurant in Half Moon Bay, CA, used Promoted Posts to drive a 19% increase in both their monthly number of guests and monthly gross revenue.

One final note: Facebook’s Pages Manager app now allows you to manage your Facebook Page, post photos, comments and ad campaigns all from your phone.

What other tools are you using to boost your mobile marketing? Let us know in the comments.

Press: 5 QUESTIONS with Rage Digital Inc. CEO Ted Guggenheim via Daily Camera


Press: 5 QUESTIONS with Rage Digital Inc. CEO Ted Guggenheim via Daily Camera

By Alicia Wallace, Camera Business Writer

Boulder-based Rage Digital Inc., a developer of iOS and Android apps, recently launched TextUs.Biz, a service that allows businesses to send and receive text messages with their customers. The texts are sent and received through the businesses’ main phone numbers and accessed via a web portal using PCs or tablets.

Ted Guggenheim, the CEO of Rage Digital, spoke briefly with the Camera last week about Accutane without prescription

The following has been edited for clarity and space.

1. What type of adoption rate have you seen thus far?

We launched what we called the “Text Friendly Boulder” initiative. We were out to sign up 100 businesses in the Boulder/Denver community to become our beta testers. So far we have about 22 businesses signed up and they really ranged in the types of businesses — salons and spas to auto repair (shops) to medical offices to the Four Seasons hotel in Denver to retailers like Chelsea to Albums on the Hill, Boulder Theater and Fox Theatre. So far, it’s been fantastic.

… I think the biggest challenge that we’re facing isn’t really getting the businesses on board, it’s letting the customers know they can text their businesses, because they could never do it before.

You see that early adoption curve and as long as we’re getting momentum, we expect it to spread more and more every time.

2. How does the technology encourage reliability on behalf of the businesses in their responses to customers ?

When a message comes into the business’ computer or iPad, they get a little notification on their screen — (let’s) say it’s a salon using a reservation system — they get a little pop-up and they can click on that and it takes them directly to that conversation. When the businesses are closed or when they’re unavailable, we provide an auto-reply and they can (customize) their auto-reply.

What this service provides the most value for are businesses that receive the most phone traffic. The phone is a bottleneck. … (If multiple calls come in), they put them on hold or a person calls and goes to voicemail. About one out of every three people that goes to voicemail doesn’t complete their transaction they called in for. With our service, they can manage up to a dozen text conversations at the same time.

By definition, texting is asynchronous — both parties can respond at their own convenience.

For example, if my wife is going to the gym and she needs to make a haircut reservation, she can text and leave the phone in the purse. So it reduces the amount of engagement time that the business has to spend on the phone by giving (the customers) the text capability.

3. How might this affect the human interaction element of business?

We’re not trying to replace the phone, we’re just trying to give people more options. In today’s world, having the ability to text versus call is becoming increasingly important. But the phone call is not being replaced, it’s just another option.

4. How do you protect against customers being overwhelmed by messages from businesses and, alternatively spam messages to businesses?

Our best practice policy and terms of business is you need to use the group message function on an opt-in basis.

… We’re in the process of integrating a blocking button so that they’ll be able to block incoming phone numbers. We haven’t had that problem yet, but we anticipate that could occur at some point in the future. But we will provide a blocking or blacklist capability if somebody is harassing a business.

5. Other companies — including Comcast — are dipping their toes into this space. How do you set yourself apart as a small firm?

Typically with new services, it comes down to the user interface, how easy it is to use and how the businesses can adopt it and put it into their workflow. With Comcast, they could do it, but they would have to rebuild their interface. Right now, it’s all bundled into their e-mail system and phone. These types of innovations, usually it’s not the big (companies) behind them, it seems to be the startups that do that.

We really want to be the first to market and we really want to do it better than anyone else. The user interface is really what we hope to be the big differentiator.

… We intend to get out there first and do a great job with it. The parent company does iOS development, so we’re able to take the texting capability that we’ve developed and layer iOS applications on top of it.

— Alicia Wallace

Press: iPad platform aims to replace the receptionist via Springwise


Reception Messenger hopes to deliver self-service administration, offering a way for office guests to check themselves in.

Press: Reception Messenger -

It seems that tablets are becoming increasingly effective at performing the tasks of customer facing roles, which is why companies such as The Robot Pub Group have taken to using the devices to allow patrons to help themselves. Now the Reception Messenger iPad platform is hoping to do the same for administration, offering a way for office visitors to check themselves in.

After installing the tablet at the front of a company’s premises, guests will be able to use it to select the reason for their visit, enter their details, choose an employee they wish to speak to and let them know they are there. The system is connected to staff mobile phones, meaning that they are instantly alerted via text message when someone has arrived to see them. Responses can be sent directly back to the iPad to let the visitor know what they should do. Companies can customize the look of the system to match their business’s branding and add extra voice prompts to further personalize the service. The system is priced in three brackets – USD 99 per month for companies with one to 49 employees, USD 149 per month for those with 50-99 employees and USD 249 per month for those with more than 100 staff members.Buy Priligy

Reception Messenger could help small business who can’t necessarily afford to hire a receptionist to manage their office effectively, but the system could also cut costs at public services such as hospitals. Could tablets be used similarly elsewhere?


Spotted by: Murray Orange

Press: iPad could replace your office receptionist via Tuaw


Reception Messenger Tuaw Post

by Steven Sande

To keep a professional feel to a workplace, many businesses hire a receptionist to greet and direct visitors to an office. Receptionists may become an endangered species soon if the Reception Messenger iPad platform from the Foundry Group, Rage Digital and TechStars takes off.

Currently in beta, the platform uses a kiosk-mounted iPad and customizable app to connect visitors to company employees. Upon arriving at the kiosk, the visitor taps a button to indicate the reason for their visit (a meeting, a delivery and so on), taps another button indicating the name of the employee they wish to see, enters their name and company into the kiosk, and then the employee is notified via text message.

Should that employee need to respond to the visitor,dapoxetine
they can reply and their message is displayed on the kiosk. The service is priced at US$99 per month for companies with up to 49 employees, $149 per month for 50-99 employees and $249 monthly for more than 100 employees. Check it out in the video below.

Full story:

Press: Mile High Tech – TextUs.Biz Brings Businesses and Customers Together


Press: TextUs.Biz - 303 Magazine

by  on  • 8:20 am

Full Story

A New Way To Do Business

Talking on the phone and leaving voicemails is going the way of the dinosaurs; in 2011 alone, there were over 7 trillion texts sent worldwide.

If businesses don’t adapt to the way consumers are behaving, they’ll be left in the dust. Fast. Luckily, a Boulder start-up is stepping up and allowing businesses and consumers to communicate in the most comfortable manner we have today.dapoxetine


More and more people are living busier and busier lives. We simply don’t have the time or desire to talk on the phone anymore. When we do, valuable clients are being forced to wait or call back and voicemails are inefficient and frustrating. Current communication mediums, especially for busy businesses, make customer service a lost art.

TextUs.Biz provides a service to businesses that enables them to send individual or mass texts to multiple customers at once using their familiar landline number. Starting today, your business can manage up to 12 separate conversations from a single computer, while logging notes and creating auto-responders. TextUs.Biz enables quick, personalized two-way communication in a manner that you know reaches your customer, and in a way that they’re confident that their voice is being heard.

How Does It Help Me?

Anyone who has worked in sales understands the importance of maintaining a continuous, positive relationship with a customer. Alerting individuals about special deals or providing information updates on their particular situation is vital, and with TextUs.Biz, can be done instantly and pain-free. This first-of-it’s-kind business makes life easy on doctors and dentists, restaurants and auto dealers; not to mention anyone doing business with these people. TextUs.Biz gives you a competitive advantage to stand out from the crowd.

Denver/Boulder Business Promotion

TextUs.Biz is trying to spread the word about their start-up, and are giving the Colorado market the first crack at their software. They are offering their ‘Text Friendy’ service to 100 local Denver and Boulder businesses via their website www.TextUs.Biz.

This amazing deal includes three months free service, premium pricing after that with no obligation to continue, a free tutorial, along with free window stickers and business cards to alert customers that you are a text friendly business.


TextUs.Biz offers a new way to do business that customers can really relate to. It’s convenient and affordable, and with a shot at a free trial, it’s a no brainer for businesses owners both big and small. TextUs.Biz is a company with a great deal of promise, and one that will continue to shine positively on the 303 for years to come.